Psychologist Gold Coast – Robina

Welcome to Go Psychology where our simple mission is to “improve the lives of people living on the Gold Coast and beyond”

Who are we?

We are a specialist team of Psychologists working with young children through to the elderly.  We provide services in rooms at our well established practice located in Robina (Gold Coast), and we also provide an outreach service (where appropriate and necessary), which means we can come to you!   As Psychologists we understand how vital it is that you have a good fit with your Psychologist.  In fact, research clearly shows us that the relationship you form with your Psychologist is vital to the successful outcome of your therapy.  Find out more about our Psychologists.

Who do we work with?

Our adult counselling service offers services to address the full spectrum of Adult mental health conditions, including relationship problems.  The most common problems treated include anxiety, depression, stress, adjusting to severe life stressors including relationship breakdowns, and injuries/illnesses, and relationship issues.

Our adult assessment service offers comprehensive psychological assessments including medico-legal assessments and vocational assessments to name some common assessments.

Our couples service offers counselling for couples and families undergoing issues in their relationships, as well as pre-marriage counselling advice.

Our child and youth counselling service offers services to address a wide range of psychological problems experienced in children and youth (teens).  The most common problems include anxiety issues, low self esteem, and behavioural problems.

Our child and youth assessment service offers services to assess for learning disorders, ADHD, and other childhood psychological conditions

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