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Panic Attacks / Panic Disorder

What is a panic attack? A panic attack, also called an anxiety attack is a brief period of intense anxiety which causes the physical symptoms of fear (intense fight or flight reaction).  A panic attack can usually last from several minutes to around 30 minutes, but the physical effects can last for several hours after […]

Coping with the Stress of Parenting

In today’s ever changing and challenging environment, pressures on parents have intensified and parents are often faced with managing a busy schedule including job related responsibilities, household duties, as well as raising their children. Let’s face it.  All parents will experience parenting stress on many occasions during their parenting life, and for some the parenting […]

Psychologist Questions Teen Screen Advice

An hour of screen time immediately before bed is fine for most teenagers, according to research by an Australian university. BUT two hours is too much and likely to disrupt their sleep, says Associate Professor Michael Gradisar, a clinical psychologist at Flinders University in Adelaide. He says a review of four years of studies at […]

Depression is the biggest cause of adolescent illness

Depression is the biggest cause of adolescent illness worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2014) Pediatric depression is a relatively common psychiatric condition that generally continues episodically into adulthood. Whether damaging experiences or biologic processes trigger depressive episodes remains subject to debate. Essential update: WHO ranks depression as top cause of adolescent illness and disability A new […]

Teenage Addictions and How to Help

There are many areas of psychological issues we deal with at Go Psychology and amongst those are problems with addictions, both in adults and teenagers. Teenagers are most vulnerable to becoming addicted, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, video games, or social media, and peer pressure is often the cause. Teenagers experiment and will start […]